Aristotle said, “We do not act rightly because we have virtue. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Here is something that happened to me that showed me the impact of good communication habits. Research has shown that leadership skills are related to how we communicate. Have you ever had this experience?

After our meeting, I left feeling very uneasy. Was it because the meeting didn’t go well? Was it because there was nothing accomplished? No, everything went well- or so it seemed. Still, I couldn’t escape that funny, nagging feeling. So I went over that afternoon in my mind…

This CEO loudly told me about “his” profits, and what he was doing to take the company public. He gave me the feeling that he needed little input from the rest of the company. He leaned towards me stating, “I will make this company money”. And yes, he told me in no uncertain terms that he made all the decisions. He never used “we” or “my team” when he told me his plans. And then, there was that nagging feeling. He stared me down. He kinda got into my face when he talked. Maybe that was it… Or maybe it was everything he said and did… I just knew I didn’t want to work with him.


                                                What are the costs of poor communication?


What about what he didn’t say? After doing some research, and paying attention to that nagging feeling, I remembered that leadership isn’t just about money. We have an internal guidance system, that nagging feeling that warns us about “dangers”.  Those costs include, not being productive, reworking projects, and most importantly missing the real authentic relationships you really want to matter what you are doing. I am sure you can think of countless examples of people that miss the deal, create misunderstandings, or lose a friendship.

When you know the tactics to successful communication completions, you create the relationships in your business and personal life that sustain you and create success.

So, the next time you wonder how you come across to others or whether you should even care about communication completions or not, think what the real cost of poor communication is to you and those around you and you should have your answer. Dr. Julee is a communication strategist and President of Virtual Strategy Makers who helps other master their nonverbal message. Contact her at or



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