3 Things we have forgotten about Communicating


As humans, we are intended to communicate face-to-face. No, that means you can’t just email it in. Or, tweet it, or hope they see your thoughts on your Facebook. Communicating face-to-face means being really nearby the other person – actually in the same room and within earshot.


And yes, actually looking at them and talking to them about something of mutual interest. I can’t believe how we communicate has changed so much since even a few years ago. I almost don’t recognize it.


We are forgetting how to value the people we care about. Here are three things that are changing because of our use of technology and creating technological upset. (Technological Upset occurs when you are having difficulty transitioning to a newer technology).


  1. We have forgotten how to be face-to-face.

We believe that emojis can replace the emotional content of our communication. We may misunderstand the message because we fail to put the emotional content into each message that only happens face-to-face. We may feel it is easier and less time consuming to just email it in, but we also may have more communication misconnects. I work with people to improve their face-to-face skills every day- It is easier than you think.


  1. We have forgotten how why we need to be face-to-face.

Simply, we need human interaction to feel better. We are social animals and human connection is essential for our survival. By strengthening our computer connectivity, we may be loosening our personal ties to others.


  1. When we aren’t face-to-face, we forget to take responsibility for our communication content.

We post and hide behind the words we send out whether it is in a tweet or on an email. When people don’t like what we type, we are safe behind the print. When we have to say something when someone is looking at us, we have to accept that everyone may not always agree.

Make sure you understand the connectivity choices you make to avoid future technological upset. Keep the lines of face-to-face communication open to add value to those people important to you. #Avoiding #TechnologicalUpset #IsEasier than #YouThink

Remember – Don’t just talk- say something of value … Dr.Julee…

My Technological Upset