Talking to Connect


How do you talk? Are you someone who clearly states your message, or do you expect to have people read your mind? Do misunderstandings follow you and you have trouble getting your foot out of your mouth? Are you afraid that only others can get their point across well?


Even with the all the buzz and craziness of constant technological change, each of us really wants to connect with others; our brain was hardwired to want that connection. Conditioning tells us to be near safe things and people. Our survival depends on it.


When we understand our communication, we have the advantage in our business and personal lives. Communication tells something about you and who you are. You can’t avoid communicating something when interact with others. Let’s face it; some people are more skillful than others are, especially in communicating.


If people are reported to speak as many as 20,000 words in a day, there is large possibility that misunderstandings will happen. By sending clear messages, and fine-tuning your interpersonal skills, you can become a successful “communication completer”. When we can successfully make that personal connection through communication completions, we have found somewhere we can belong and enjoy connecting, where there is less stress, confusion and misunderstandings. Isn’t that what we really want?


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