Is it possible that we are losing our ability to communicate? It seems that we are so easily offended by the words of others. I also believe that humor may be a thing of the past. Take for instance the case of a harmless comment of a 76-year-old Professor. While riding on an elevator, he was asked what floor he wanted so that the button could be pushed. He unfortunately remarked 3rd floor ladies’ lingerie. Unfortunately, for him, someone took offense.


Although many may not find his comment humorous, he was attempting to create a moment of humor a simple joke. He used a long since retired referent to when people had elevator operators. People were employed to announce the floors and what they contained in a department store, hence, 3rd floor ladies’ lingerie.


Are we becoming so sensitive that we can’t see words as they are? They don’t serve to offend unless you can’t take a joke or decipher the intent of the message. Here was a case of and unfortunate miscommunication.


What has happened to our ability to use humor? It allows us to connect and communicate are we so easily offended that we limit what we say and how we day it? I am sure you can think of other examples.

Are We Afraid To Laugh
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