What does it take to be a “Communication Completer”?

Well, first you must be able to tell what a successful communication interaction is. As many of you probably know, when you think of anytime you talk would be an example of a communication. But, is it successful? Does it have what it takes to make that connection?

Anyone can connect through communication. But, it does take a bit of patience and persistence. #KnowingYourself is the first step to wisdom…  Aristotle said that.

But, I would add a couple of things to make you a more effective communicator- a “communication completer”.

The first thing is everyone wants is to be heard. This means you need the ability to communicate effectively avoiding misdirection and misunderstanding. Many people are effective communicators. They are masters at getting their points across. They take the time to recognize that communication is where you can give of yourself. They recognize the tactics need to complete their message. And they don’t try to take any communication opportunities away from another.

Reinforce your message by taking the time to use tactics to be effective. Focus on the language beneath the message- the nonverbal message. When you successfully communicate, things can move forward. Trust is established. Relationships are built.

The second thing is listen like it mattersBecause it does… Everyone has a responsibility to be present while listening. I believe that you can let others know you care by listening well. That means you give the other person the opportunity to make their message and complete the transfer of information. After all, they did it for you … Why wouldn’t return the favor?

Through daily practice of these tactics, everyone can successfully express their ideas and contribute. We can show we care about others. Be responsible for your part of the communication interaction. Meet others at least half way to making a competed communication interaction. With my clients, I help them show others how to listen effectively.

Do you have what it takes? Everyone wants people to hear them for whatever they have to share. Using these two strategies when you interact with others will help you become a “communication completer”.

What does it take to be a “Communication Completer”?
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